Electra® Quick Tour:

Generating Reports

Generating Reports

Reports can be generated inside a drawing, exported to Excel (.xls, .xlsx) or exported as tab separated values (.tsv). To generate a report inside a drawing, simply drag and drop a report symbol from the Report stencil, then right click and select Generate.

Report symbols can be resized by dragging on their handles and when a report is generated, Electra automatically create additional report symbols if the content overflows a single symbol. Columns in report symbols can be resized by clicking on the report symbol, then on any column, and dragging on the handles. Some columns may contain options to hide a column, simply right click on a column when it is selected, and choose Hide/Show column.

Choosing An Export Format

By default, Electra will export reports into Excel. To choose exporting reports as tab separated values (.tsv), click on menu Electra | Document Options | Export Format, and select tab separated values. Electra will then export reports to the format of your choosing.

Cross Reference Report

The cross reference report list all references, descriptions, symbol master and their locations.

Material Reference Report

The material reference report list all references, grouping, component information and descriptions.

Bills of Materials Report

The Bill of Materials report list all components used in a schematic, including component information, subtotals and totals.

Cable Reference Report

The cable reference report list all cables used on a drawing, including cable information, core name, wire name and their locations.

Connections (From/To) Report

The connections report list all wires in your schematics, their location, cable information and their connections, including exactly which symbol the wire is connected to, their references, location and pin names.